D. O. "Spike" Helmick is the retired Commisioner of the California Highway Patrol

Spike Helmick, Retired CHP Commissioner

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Driver education has changed since we were children. Many public schools no longer offer driver education or driver training.

Traffic School

The goal of the California Highway Patrol is to enforce the traffic laws by conspicous enforcement.

Our black and white patrol cars are designed to stand out in traffic and to remind motorists to obey the laws.

Unfortunately, most drivers will eventually receive a traffic ticket. It can raise the cost of your auto insurance. One way to help keep your insurance costs down is to attend traffic school.

Most judicial districts allow you to attend traffic school depending upon the tpe of ticket you received. You may attend traffic school not more than once every 18 months.

You can attend a local traffic school in your community or you can take traffic school online in many jurisdictions.

I recommend California Traffic School for online classes.

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The CHP 11-99 Foundation was created to provide benefits to California Highway Patrol employees and their families

The California Association of Highway Patrolmen (CAHP) is a labor association whose primary purpose is to work for the benefit of all California Highway Patrol officers.

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